This is what a vicious pit bull will do to a baby

October 28th, 2013

You have to watch this video to learn firsthand what a Pit Bull can do to your baby!


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8-week-old puppy fighting to survive autoimmune disease

October 27th, 2013


Sadie is an eight week old puppy who needs our help! Sadie has a condition called “Strangles” that occurs in puppies and causes large amounts of swelling and oozing, infected skin. You can see Sadie’s whole muzzle, ears, eyes and neck are affected with this condition; a normally highly adoptable dog like Sadie now has no chance of getting out of the pound alive without a rescue.

That’s why M.A.I.N. stepped up to help this adorable puppy get the vet care she needs to become a happy, healthy adult dog. It didn’t take long for Sadie’s rescuers to fall in love with her and we know you will too! Right now, Sadie is so swollen we aren’t exactly sure what breed she is…but we’re looking forward to watching this cutie grow up and get better!

You can donate directly to help Sadie and M.A.I.N.:




Home of Rescue Founder Destroyed by Fire, 4 Dogs Die

October 26th, 2013


mm-3Not too long ago, Hendrick Boards partnered with Home Fur-Ever in Michigan to help save Toledo, a dog who was severely abused and hit with sticks. When we learned that the home of the director of Home Fur-Ever was devastated in a fire, we wanted to do something out of the ordinary.

Home Fur-Ever’s Rescue Director Marilyn’s house had a fire start in the furnace on Tuesday night and we are sad to announce 4 of the 6 dogs in her house didn’t make it. Baby Girl, Blondie, Sanford and Lulu passed away. Babygirl and Blonde but they were feral dogs Marilyn had for 8 plus years. Sanford was found in Detroit trying to keep up with a pack of 8 dogs over 6 years ago. He was severely injured and believe to bit hit by a car. His front leg had a big open wound with the femur bone sticking out and his back foot was completely chewed off. The vet thinks he chew off his own foot from the nerve damage from being hit. They had to remove his leg. Marilyn has taken care of him this for past 6 years as he is still skittish around people and has bonded with her. Lulu, pictured below, was found living in an abandoned garage on the street of one of our volunteers 2 years ago and was still looking for her fur-ever home. She was a volunteer favorite.

mm-5The Detroit Fire Department tried to revive all the dogs but only Maxine and Zsa Zsa made it. Maxine is one of the survivors and is currently at the vet she now has pneumonia from the smoke inhalation. Zsa Zsa was the other survivor she was rescued along with several other dogs living on the streets and hanging around some abandoned homes last year. She was heartworm positive and had a litter of puppies when found. Since that time, all of her puppies have been adopted, and she has completed her heartworm treatment and is completely healthy. As a street dog, Zsa Zsa hadn’t had much contact with people before she was rescued.

Marilyn has been rescuing dogs for over 30 years in Detroit. Marilyn is on call 365 days a year 24 hours a day. In the last 10 Years Marilyn, has played a huge part of rescuing and adopting out over 4,500 dogs and puppies. She doesn’t receive any compensation for this, she does this from her heart! Her compassion for abandoned and abused dogs is endless. It’s time we return the favor and help her in her time of need. She did not ask us to do this but the volunteers at Home Fur-Ever feel it’s necessary. While money will not take the pain and guilt away and can ease her mind. We don’t know the exact amount of damage done at this time but we know there is smoke and water damage and sadly she did not have insurance on her house. Please consider helping her in her time of need.

LuLuHendrick Boards has created a limited-edition shirt, long-sleeve and hoody to help Marilyn in these difficult times and to help her continue her fight to save even more animals. Here is the link to the products:

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Severely Emaciated Athena Fighting to Survive Extreme Neglect and Cruelty

October 23rd, 2013


The Jefferson SPCA is used to seeing neglect and even cruelty. But, even they were horrified when Athena came to them.

athena-blog-1Athena was picked up by animal control officers last week. She could not walk; she could not even lift up her head. They did not know how she was still alive and definitely did not think she would survive much longer, with every bone in her body painfully evident. As they gave her fluids, she could not even respond. They caressed her face and whispered in her ear that if she did not give up, they were going to help her and love her.

athena-blog-2Thankfully, the courageous dog showed that she wanted to live, and as soon as one day later, she was attempting to stand, and eat on her own. In addition to being starved, Athena has heartworms, Pyometra, parasites and she continues to recover from severe anemia. Three days after the Jefferson SPCA rescued her, she is going to a medical foster home and spending her days in a veterinarian hospital. She will require extensive treatments and long term care. Athena will have a long road to recovery ahead of her.

Hendrick Boards has launched a campaign to help save Athena. With every purchase of a tee, thermal long-sleeve or jersey pullover hoody, Hendrick Boards will donate $10 to help the Jefferson SPCA and Athena.


Dumped at the pound with a leg that fell off & limbs with bone exposed

October 20th, 2013


On Saturday, October 12, the city pound in Houston, Texas sent a plea out to local rescue groups to help three dogs who had been turned in by their owner. One dog was in very serious condition. REDCOLLAR RESCUE answered the call. The previous owners hadn’t even bothered to give these three angels names. So Sunday morning when volunteers picked them up, they all received names in honor of the new life that was about to begin. And so Cyclone, Rainey, and Stormy became part of the REDCOLLAR RESCUE family.

Rainey.Blog2The dog with the most serious condition is Rainey. The owner said that she had gotten her leg caught in a rope and thought it was better until, one day, the leg fell off. Rainey is missing her leg from the knee down on the back right leg and there is about 3 inches of bone exposed and dried out. The left front foot has only exposed metacarpal bones stripped down to the bone and the phalanges are missing completely. This bone too is dried out. Rainey had been walking on this foot with a limp and there was a very foul odor from the leg when the rescue picked her up. These do not appear to be recent injuries. Rainey has thinning hair and hair loss over mid to lower back and she was covered in feces. Despite all of this. she is the sweetest, gentlest little girl who loves to be in your lap! She is also the smallest at only 7 lbs.

Rainey.Blog3Stormy is 10 lbs and she is the most outgoing of the three. She goes up to everyone looking for some pets and snuggles and has the cutest little snaggletooth. Stormy is high heartworm positive and will go through treatment when she is healthy enough. She has dermatitis, fleas and matted fur but is still smiling! And finally there is Cyclone! He is only 11 lbs and we know he is going to be so handsome when he is all better. He has multiple sores over his body. Cyclone is missing quite a bit of fur and the remaining fur is in horrible mats. His fur is yellow, not the the gorgeous white it should be but that will come with time!

The three dogs are so sweet and Cyclone and Stormy seem to know that their sister is not in good health. The city workers brought them out to to REDCOLLAR RESCUE first and they greeted them with tail wags but their eyes constantly looked over their shoulder to make sure Rainey was coming. On the ride to the vet, they never took their eyes off of her. So protective and worried about her – what compassionate and kind hearts they have!

Cyclone and Stormy are at our vet and have been examined. They were of course treated for fleas and they are addressing their skin issues but they are in relatively good health considering what they’ve been through.

Rainey is the main concern right now. We will never know what the “real” story is with her injuries. Her foot was most likely a result of a “degloving” incident that was never treated. The muscles, tendons and nerves eventually dried up and fell off. She truly is a remarkable miracle. Why an infection did not set in and take her life is something that we will never understand but we are so glad that she persevered! Rainey was initially transported to the ER for stabilization but has since been moved to our regular vet for further evaluation.

Rainey.Blog4Rainey will need to have her rear leg amputated. She holds it up in a very awkward position and we’re certain she will feel better when that burden is removed. They will also do surgery on her front foot to remove the dead bone and tissue and prepare the leg for a prosthesis once the swelling has gone down. After she has been fitted with a prosthesis, Rainey will go to a physical therapist to help her learn how to walk on her new leg!

We are committed to seeing all three pups through their full recovery, no matter the cost. Please consider making a donation to support these three, but especially for Rainey’s upcoming surgeries and prosthesis.

NOTE: The City of Houston has notified the proper authorities and it is our understanding that an investigation is under way. We will post any updates that we receive and will cooperate fully to do whatever we can to aid in the prosecution of this case. That said, our focus, as always, is on the dogs and their recovery.