Home of Rescue Founder Destroyed by Fire, 4 Dogs Die

October 26th, 2013


mm-3Not too long ago, Hendrick Boards partnered with Home Fur-Ever in Michigan to help save Toledo, a dog who was severely abused and hit with sticks. When we learned that the home of the director of Home Fur-Ever was devastated in a fire, we wanted to do something out of the ordinary.

Home Fur-Ever’s Rescue Director Marilyn’s house had a fire start in the furnace on Tuesday night and we are sad to announce 4 of the 6 dogs in her house didn’t make it. Baby Girl, Blondie, Sanford and Lulu passed away. Babygirl and Blonde but they were feral dogs Marilyn had for 8 plus years. Sanford was found in Detroit trying to keep up with a pack of 8 dogs over 6 years ago. He was severely injured and believe to bit hit by a car. His front leg had a big open wound with the femur bone sticking out and his back foot was completely chewed off. The vet thinks he chew off his own foot from the nerve damage from being hit. They had to remove his leg. Marilyn has taken care of him this for past 6 years as he is still skittish around people and has bonded with her. Lulu, pictured below, was found living in an abandoned garage on the street of one of our volunteers 2 years ago and was still looking for her fur-ever home. She was a volunteer favorite.

mm-5The Detroit Fire Department tried to revive all the dogs but only Maxine and Zsa Zsa made it. Maxine is one of the survivors and is currently at the vet she now has pneumonia from the smoke inhalation. Zsa Zsa was the other survivor she was rescued along with several other dogs living on the streets and hanging around some abandoned homes last year. She was heartworm positive and had a litter of puppies when found. Since that time, all of her puppies have been adopted, and she has completed her heartworm treatment and is completely healthy. As a street dog, Zsa Zsa hadn’t had much contact with people before she was rescued.

Marilyn has been rescuing dogs for over 30 years in Detroit. Marilyn is on call 365 days a year 24 hours a day. In the last 10 Years Marilyn, has played a huge part of rescuing and adopting out over 4,500 dogs and puppies. She doesn’t receive any compensation for this, she does this from her heart! Her compassion for abandoned and abused dogs is endless. It’s time we return the favor and help her in her time of need. She did not ask us to do this but the volunteers at Home Fur-Ever feel it’s necessary. While money will not take the pain and guilt away and can ease her mind. We don’t know the exact amount of damage done at this time but we know there is smoke and water damage and sadly she did not have insurance on her house. Please consider helping her in her time of need.

LuLuHendrick Boards has created a limited-edition shirt, long-sleeve and hoody to help Marilyn in these difficult times and to help her continue her fight to save even more animals. Here is the link to the products: http://hendrickboards.com/homefurever-fire?tracking=517808417e8ff

To donate directly, go to: http://www.youcaring.com/help-a-neighbor/help-marilyn-of-home-furever/99576

Pitbull saves fellow rescue dog Bobby!

August 7th, 2013

After his owner was deployed overseas, Spud helps out a fellow ‘rescue’

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Pet Rescue Center needed a hero today, and that need was filled by a 5-year-old Pit Bull named Spud. Relinquished by his owner who had been deployed overseas, Spud provided a blood transfusion for another dog at The Pet Rescue Center, a 2 year-old Beagle mix known as Bobby.

Bobby was saved last month by The Pet Rescue Center, after he had been brought in as a stray to the county animal shelter in Orange. Shelter officials believed he had been mauled by another dog, but after arriving at the rescue’s facility in Mission Viejo, it was determined that he had a severe skin infection. Bobby is being treated and his wounds are slowly healing, but his health declined over the weekend.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“While we are excited to watch the slow but gradual improvement with Bobby’s wounds, he had become systemically ill through the weekend,” explained Dr. Matthew Wheaton, Co-Founder of The Pet Rescue Center and Hospital Director at Alicia Pet Care Center, where the rescue is housed. “We fully expect him to be much improved with the blood transfusion, providing him with needed energy to continue to improve the rest of his body systems.”

Bobby was very lethargic and not eating, and vomited what appeared to be blood clots. A re-check of his lab work today showed moderate anemia with dehydration, so it was decided that a blood transfusion would help to support him through his continued healing. He will be on additional medication now to resolve his stomach issues for the long term and Dr. Wheaton will continue to keep a close eye on his health status.

“Spud was the perfect dog to pay it forward to our little Bobby,” said Casey Oliver, Director of Operations at The Pet Rescue Center. “His owner was re-located to Afghanistan leaving Spud with us to find a new home. I know he would be very proud of Spud.”

This is the third time that one of The PRC’s rescued dogs has “paid it forward” by providing a life-saving blood transfusion for another rescued pup. In April of 2012, Sammy, a former bait dog saved by the organization, gave blood to Piper, a lab mix puppy rescued by DAWG, a non-profit group associated with the Mission Viejo Animal Shelter. Just last month, another pit bull at The Pet Rescue Center, Kara, provided a much-needed blood transfusion to a 7-week-old puppy saved by Coastal German Shepherd Rescue.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABlythe Wheaton, Executive Director and Co-Founder of The Pet Rescue Center explained, “Although The PRC primarily saves pets from high-kill shelters, we do have a relinquishment program for dogs and cats that are no longer able to be cared for by their owners. Spud helping Bobby in this way, demonstrates the interwoven and cooperative relationship between all of our rescues.”

Spud and Kara are both available for adoption at The Pet Rescue Center. Bobby will continue being treated for his skin infection, and will be made available for adoption once he is healthy.

b24spud 640x640We helped raised funds for Bobby with his very own shirt and tote and with every purchase we sent a life saving donation to The Pet Rescue Center. Located inside Alicia Pet Care Center in Mission Viejo, PRC is a 501c3 non-profit organization that rescues, rehabilitates, and re-homes pets saved from euthanasia at high-kill shelters and other at-risk situations. They have successfully saved and adopted out more than 600 dogs and cats in the past five years. To view their adoptable cats and dogs, to volunteer, or to make a donation, please visit them online at www.thepetrescuecenter.org or call 877.277.7938. You can also “like” and follow them on Facebook. Or you can get a teeshirt or tote that triggers a donation for Bobby’s continued care. —>



Jayda was in so much pain…

June 11th, 2013

blogSecond Chance was contacted by the Mt. Vernon shelter about a beautiful dog, Jayda. Jayda was in so much pain, literally screaming in pain. She has a serious ear condition- Polyps in both ears, and terrible deep ear infections that go into her brain!

They immediately pulled Jayda to safety. Their Surgeon Dr. Infernuso completed the surgery, ear ablasion on one of her ears today. Jayda will need her other ear done in about 4-6 weeks. Jayda will be special needs, hearing impaired and can be completely deaf after her surgeries and healing.

Jayda is one of the most incredibly sweet and loving dogs we have met. Even though she has been in terrible pain, she has been good with other dogs and cats in her temporary foster home. The surgery on both ears is going to cost the rescue $3,000.00, which is discounted.

fight-animal-abuse-groupPlease consider helping us to be able to take away Jayda’s pain. We really appreciate your support. Second Chance Rescue NYC is a volunteer ran nonprofit dedicated to saving animal just like Jayda. Help us raise the funds for Second Chance and save Jayda! There are two ways you can donate! You can donate directly here -> http://www.youcaring.com/medical-fundraiser/medical-funds-for-jayda/61979.

Second, we have partnered with Second Chance to create our FIGHT ANIMAL ABUSE tee dedicated to raising funds for her recovery. You can get your tee here and wear it proudly knowing you helped save Jayda and stopped animal abuse! http://hendrickboards.com/s/save-jayda


UPDATE on Buttercup!

April 27th, 2013


Meet Buttercup saved by our friends at Synergy; a rescue, rehab & sanctuary for special needs animals Located in Vista, CA. Buttercup was saved from certain death in the medical ward of a high kill shelter. She suffers from multiple illnesses. Buttercup is anemic and has an upper respiratory infection along with her skin condition. Synergy; a rescue, rehab & sanctuary for special needs animals needs our help funding her recovery! With one simple tee you can see that Buttercup is given that second chance at life she deserves! Please help and share!




Quirky cute & a little stinky (her mange is being treated and the smell is slowly getting better) little Buttercup looks like she is adapting to life quite well. Team work made it possible to save Buttercup from being killed and not just another nameless statistic.

Buttercup is a perfect example of why we need to work together and change the system.

Shelters that historically euthanized healthy,adoptable animals have been able to make change to NO KILL – it is possible. Please join together to learn, participate, and support this mission!

You can still help Buttercup and her amazing nonprofit Synergy; a rescue, rehab & sanctuary for special needs animals



Save Emperor Norton… Starved and left to die.

April 12th, 2013

photo 4

photo 5Starved and left for dead.

Dumped in the mountains, Emperor Norton was left to die. He now suffers from severe malnourishment and emaciation. He was obviously neglected and abused. He was found dumped in the Mountains of Taiwan miles away from any home. He is a 2-3 year Mastiff and will need continued care for his recovery. A dog of his breed should weigh far more than he does now. Help save Norton!

He is with our friends at Rocket Dog Rescue in San Francisco, CA. They saved him from certain death in Taiwan and are hoping to find him his PERFECT forever home here in the states. Help us support Norton and his recovery with one simple tee! We have partnered with Rocket Dog to design the “I SAVED AN ANIMAL” tee dedicated to raising funds for Norton and his road to recovery. With every tee we will send a $10.00 in your honor. You can support Norton and Rocket Dog Rescue with a tee or donate directly here.

Get your animal saving tee here!