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How a Dog Built a Skateboard Company

I’m going to say it plain and simple. This is the story of how a dog named William started a company. I never thought I’d be able to combine my passions of art, skateboarding, and animals into a company. I saw skateboarding and longboarding as a tool to give to animals most in need in […]

How Will You Celebrate Go Skateboarding Day?

June 21st is National Go Skateboarding Day, a day created 8 years ago to promote the sport and lifestyle. Skateboarders everywhere are encouraged to create their own events and new traditions to celebrate National Go Skateboarding. This day is much more than skateboarders doing what they love most — skateboarding. It is a day for […]

Skateboarding: Don’t Doubt A Dad’s Desire To Be Demonized

Skateboarding is typically associated as a sport and leisure activity for today’s youth – teenagers and 20-somethings depicted, and in many ways demonized, as against the “establishment” and authority. What many don’t know is that skateboarding is not just for kids any more. Don’t doubt a dad’s desire to be demonized. The same people who put […]

Hendrick Boards – Top 5 Eco-Friendly Decks Featured in IZZITGREEN.com

Hendrick Boards bamboo decks were featured in IzzItGreen.com’s Top 5 list of Bamboo and eco-friendly skateboard companies. Every Hendrick board is created with eco-friendly water-based paints and stains. The Laguna Owl Short Board, highlighted in the article, is among the many in Hendrick Board’s line of eco-friendly bamboo and Canadian maple skateboards and longboards. IZZITGREEN.com Bamboo […]

HuffingtonPost.com Features Hendrick Boards

The Huffington Post recently featured Hendrick Boards as one of the top gifts to give this coming Father’s Day. The Huffington Post’s blogger, Courtney Cachet, highlighted Hendrick Boards’ Bamboo Eco Cruiser, one of the many products that give back on HendrickBoards.com. For every purchase of the Bamboo Eco Cruiser, Hendrick Boards gives $10 to local […]

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