How a Dog Built a Skateboard Company

June 22nd, 2011

I’m going to say it plain and simple. This is the story of how a dog named William started a company.

I never thought I’d be able to combine my passions of art, skateboarding, and animals into a company. I saw skateboarding and longboarding as a tool to give to animals most in need in our shelters. Hendrick Boards, especially the “Boards 4 Barks” collection, has a true, personal and heartfelt inspiration.

His name is William — a 16-pound mutt poisoned when he was just a pup and not expected to live past his first year.

Three years ago, I had volunteered at local shelters in Southern California and saw a Chihuahua mix when he was being brought into the clinic at a shelter in Orange, California. William, as he is now called, along with 5 other puppies in the same litter, suffered from chemical poisoning. The owner fed chemical-laced food to the mother of the litter, which then poisoned the milk the puppies were ingesting. The previous owner was apparently conducting “experiments” — pretty twisted and sick if you ask me. All but two pups from the litter survived the poisoning. William was one of those fortunate two to live. Because of his poisoning and health problems at such a young age, William still battles infections and illness every step of his life.

Yet, William has been with me through every difficult step in my life.

He has been to two dorms and back, comforted me when both my grandparents passed away, was there for me when I had to drop out of college because I could not afford it, picked me up when so many put me down and ultimately gave me the passion to start my own company at 23 years old with $200 in my pocket and a passion for animals.

Thinking about what happened and explaining his story to you makes me feel sad and angry. In fact, writing this post was difficult. I ask myself often how someone can hurt, torture and kill innocent amazing creatures like dogs, cats and all the crazy pets we all love — these pets which are part of our families. Well, guess what? There are no answers to “Why” or “How” someone can commit these crimes, but there are solutions.

My solution is to take the anger I have and commit it to my cause for helping as many shelter animals, like William, as I possibly can. This is how a dog named William saved me and why I started Hendrick Boards as a vehicle to give back to animal shelters through our “Boards 4 Barks” collection. Every “Boards 4 Barks” skateboard and apparel purchase triggers a donation to local and national animal shelters and causes.

We all are against animal cruelty, but what are you willing to do about it? Some ways to get involved are:

  • Look for local non-kill or nonprofit animal shelters and support them.
  • Volunteer: one of the best ways to help is with simply volunteering your time to shelters. They could always use an extra walker or help with cleaning.
  • Donate: Anything helps to support the shelters’ mission including money, food, bedding, etc.
  • Adopt from shelters rather than pet stores. There are so many animals, like William, waiting for the love and support you can give them, and you will likely, as I have, get more in return.

These are just some simple ways to help rescue and shelter animals. How will you make a difference for shelter animals, your local shelters and animal causes?

How Will You Celebrate Go Skateboarding Day?

June 20th, 2011

June 21st is National Go Skateboarding Day, a day created 8 years ago to promote the sport and lifestyle. Skateboarders everywhere are encouraged to create their own events and new traditions to celebrate National Go Skateboarding. This day is much more than skateboarders doing what they love most — skateboarding. It is a day for fans and athletes of skateboarding to promote a sport that reaches over 12 million Americans and 50 million people worldwide.

Hendrick Boards, an Orange County-based, eco-friendly skateboard and apparel company, recommends the following 5 ways to celebrate Go Skateboarding Day:

1.      Take a skateboard to work: Taking your skateboard or longboard to work is a great way to bypass traffic, save on gas costs, help protect the environment and get back in shape for the Summer. Taking a board to work, school or shopping instead of your car is not only a killer way to support skateboarding day but also save the environment. It’s all about creating as small carbon footprint as possible.

2.      Take the family to a local park: Take the entire family to a local park and skateboard together. Skateboarding is a great activity for families with pets to give your dog exercise and fun, instead of the usual walk around the block! Skateboarding is a great way to bond with those you love including your pets.

3.      Replace your skateboard with an eco-friendly deck: Recycle your old skateboard deck and replace it with an eco-friendly deck like the Hendrick Boards Eco-Cruiser, which is made from bamboo and designs applied using handmade water-based paints and stains made from coffee grounds. Bamboo is an eco-friendly sustainable grass better for the earth and your board. By purchasing an eco-friendly deck, you will make a statement by helping the environment.

4.      Teach someone to skateboard: Whether you are a pro or amateur skateboarder, pass on your skills to a friend, significant other or family member. Skateboarding, especially longboarding, is not difficult to learn if taught by someone with the skills. Teaching the sport of skateboarding is an awesome way to promote the lifestyle and skills associated with boarding.

5.      Participate in a local event: A number of local skate parks and venues across the nation are celebrating Go Skateboarding Day with competitions, prize giveaways and food. Attending a Go Skateboarding Day event in your area is a fun way to show your support for the sport. Check for events in your area: and make sure to bring your board!

Go Skateboarding Day is more than just skateboarding; it’s about a celebration of a sport and activity we love and exposing new people to the love of skateboarding. These are just some of the cool ways to celebrate Go Skateboarding Day and make a statement. But, the bigger question is: How will you celebrate Go Skateboarding Day?


Skateboarding: Don’t Doubt A Dad’s Desire To Be Demonized

June 16th, 2011

Skateboarding is typically associated as a sport and leisure activity for today’s youth – teenagers and 20-somethings depicted, and in many ways demonized, as against the “establishment” and authority. What many don’t know is that skateboarding is not just for kids any more.

Don’t doubt a dad’s desire to be demonized.

The same people who put skateboarding on the map over 20 years ago are the athletes today keeping the sport alive, competing with the young new skateboarders and, in some cases, beating them in competition. Many of these men are now fathers teaching their children the skills of skateboarding and the lifestyle associated with it.

According to recent figures released by BoardTrac, more men are not giving up their board, but, rather, they are continuing their love of the sport:

  • 17% of the nine million skateboarders in the United States are 25 years old or older.
  • Of that 17%, 8.9% are 35 years of age or older.

Many, who are fathers, are now teaching their children how to ride. Fathers like pro skater Tony Hawk taught his son Hudson “Riley” Hawk, now 18, how to skateboard. Riley now skates for Lakai Limited Footwear and Hawk’s own Birdhouse Skateboards. Hawk and others like him continue to pass the skateboarding lifestyle and skills to their own children and the youth that look to these iconic skateboarders as role models.

My personal inspiration into skateboarding was watching videos of the likes of Bob Burnquist and Stacy Peralta when I was 8 and rolling around at the Escondido California Skate Complex.  Documentaries like Dogtown and Z-Boys continue to instill skateboarding into the American culture.

Today, we have many inspirations to thank for the growth and popularity of skateboarding as a sport. Skaters such as Matt Hensley, Mark Gonzalez, Lynn Kramer, Bob Burnquist, Tony Alva, Pierre-Luc Gagnon, Jay Adams, Stacy Peralta, Torger Johnson, Tony Hawk, Woody Woodward, Kevin Staab, Danny Berer and a ton more are the people who put boarding on the map, continue to legitimize the sport and inspire a new generation.

Skateboarding today is no longer just a sport for the kids. It is a sport shared by all ages thanks to the athletes, then and now, who continue to inspire, engage and amaze a new generation of young skateboarders.

Hendrick Boards – Top 5 Eco-Friendly Decks Featured in

June 16th, 2011

Hendrick Boards bamboo decks were featured in’s Top 5 list of Bamboo and eco-friendly skateboard companies. Every Hendrick board is created with eco-friendly water-based paints and stains. The Laguna Owl Short Board, highlighted in the article, is among the many in Hendrick Board’s line of eco-friendly bamboo and Canadian maple skateboards and longboards.

Bamboo Skateboards and Eco-Friendly Alternatives

June 16, 2011

Based in sunny California, Hendrick handcrafts maple and bamboo decks with unique artwork painted on the top deck that is visible through clear grip tape. Plus, with a purchase of one of the company’s “boards for barks” products, Hendrick will donate money to support a pet and animal welfare group. I am digging the Laguna Owl Short Board Deck

So, push off and keep that leg pumping or, if you’re more into my style, find a downhill destination and let the good times fly. Maybe throw in an ollie and catch some air on the way. Air that just might be a little cleaner thanks to these guys.

Source: Features Hendrick Boards

June 9th, 2011

The Huffington Post recently featured Hendrick Boards as one of the top gifts to give this coming Father’s Day. The Huffington Post’s blogger, Courtney Cachet, highlighted Hendrick Boards’ Bamboo Eco Cruiser, one of the many products that give back on For every purchase of the Bamboo Eco Cruiser, Hendrick Boards gives $10 to local and national animal shelters, as part of the company’s “Boards 4 Barks” collection. See The Huffington Post article: CLICK HERE.