Meet Mostly Monkeys – Sanctuary for the Unadoptable

January 23rd, 2012

Founder David at Mostly MonkeysI am stoked to introduce you all to our newest nonprofit to join the Hendrick Boards family. Meet Mostly Monkeys, founded by Suzy Casey in 1989 and an organization I had the pleasure of volunteering for just a few days ago.

Don’t let the name fool you. They are more than just a safe haven for more than 30 monkeys; they also care for animals like ferrets, parrots, raccoons and even lions. One of the most exciting and surprising things was seeing how each and every animal, from the monkeys to “Little Man” lion, had their own distinct personality. The important thing to remember is unlike most pet rescues and nonprofits, Mostly Monkeys is a sanctuary for the unadoptable to live out their lives. More than 50% of her animals have been so scarred by animal testing laboratories and poor care. They will never live a normal life again and will always need the care of Mostly Monkeys and Suzy.

Suzy is one woman who has dedicated her entire life to these animals. She works a full time career at the Safari Park in California and spends the rest of her time caring for the over 50 exotic animals in her sanctuary. She is the epitome of dedication and fight for animal conservation, rehabilitation and education. She pays for most of their care with her own funds and the rest is taken care of by donations. This is why her rescue needs our help more than ever. These animals need our help more than ever.

Most of her animals have unique special needs, which is a challenge for Suzy and her Mostly Monkeys team. A fox, named Ray, is blinded from disease; Little Man, a mountain lion weighing over 150lbs needs special food; two racoons, Betty & Barney, will never be able to be released into the wild; Kiki, a Bush Baby, lives with a broken jaw; Toby, Cecil, Dallas, Simon & Oscar, who are all Macaques, came from a laboratory that tested on them for years.

These are just a few animals that now have a safe and secure home because of Mostly Monkeys and Suzy’s tireless work. Its animals like these that will forever need this sanctuary because of their special needs.

Suzie’s work and dedication to animals inspires us at Hendrick Boards to keep growing our network of animal rescues, nonprofits and sanctuaries just like Mostly Monkeys. THIS IS WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO. It is so important to me and Hendrick Boards to continue to support your local nonprofits – the ones on the front lines, working everyday to make a difference for animal everywhere.

This is part of a series of posts dedicated to the local animal nonprofits Hendrick Boards supports. At least once a month, the Hendrick Boards team will volunteer with their nonprofit partners to showcase the amazing work being done by individuals and organizations on the local level.

Dog Milk Features Hendrick Boards Apparel, Skateboards

January 16th, 2012


Hendrick Boards is a cool skateboard and apparel company based out of Orange County, CA. Unlike most SoCal skate shops, Hendrick Boards is on a serious mission to spread the word about the importance of pet adoption. They’re so serious about helping out this worthy cause, that a generous portion of all of their sales goes to local animal shelters.

David Hendrickson founded Hendrick Boards in 2011 after rescuing his dog William. William was rescued from an Orange County animal shelter and not expected to live much longer then a year. David took it upon himself to nurse William back to health, and the two have been inseparable ever since. The experience was inspiring enough for David to start his own company with a mission to help as many shelter dogs as possible.

Having grown up in sunny Southern California myself, I totally appreciate what David is creating. I can’t help but to fall in love with his skater gear with a K9 twist. If you’re a skater with a passion for four-legged friends, Hendrick Boards is a must visit site for you!


Valentine’s Day Tees

January 4th, 2012

I am so stoked to announce our Valentine Tee. It’s perfect for the special someone in your life. Check out the red paw print over the heart. This is a pledge anyone can take to make our rescue animal our Valentine this year. It makes sense right? They always greet you with a smile and kiss, always are willing to snuggle up at the end of the night and never complain about what you want to watch on TV.  If you ask me, that’s the perfect Valentine! And, continuing with our mission, every purchase of the Valentine Tee helps a shelter animal in need. This year, take the pledge with me to make our Valentine the amazing rescues we get to call our best friends! Happy Valentine’s Day from myself, William and everyone here at Hendrick Boards.