Hendrick Boards Supports Colorado and Montana Animal Shelters, Rescues with Limited-Edition Tee

June 28th, 2012

Marking the worst fire season in Colorado history, three major blazes are burning out of control, destroying hundreds of homes, prompting mass evacuations in Colorado Springs and threatening the city of Boulder 100 miles away. Our hearts and prayers go out to the wildfire regions of Colorado and Montana, where more than 36,000 people have been evacuated from their homes. Over 300 homes have been destroyed including historic landmarks.

What is often underreported and forgotten are the hundreds of animals, including pets, horses, livestock and other large animals that have become displaced due to the fires. In Colorado and Montana, local rescues and shelters are working around the clock to ensure the safety of all animals. Animal shelters are beyond capacity, and stories of local businesses and residences creating make-shift shelters abound.

Hendrick Boards wants to make a difference for animals by supporting the local rescues and shelters in Colorado. From now and until July 4th, Hendrick Boards is offering a limited-edition tee that sparks a $10 donation to animal shelters and rescues in Colorado. Called “Be the Person”, the animal-saving, rescue loving tee will directly support the efforts to save, care for, house and feed abandoned and displaced animals in the fire-ravaged areas of Colorado.

“Our hearts go out to the animals affected by the fire-ravaged areas of Colorado and Montana,” said David Hendrickson. “We want to make sure that the frontlines of animal welfare and protection in Colorado and Montana are given the resources needed to protect all animals and hope that a simple tee can make a difference.”

To see the tee, please go to: http://www.hendrickboards.com/shop/colorado-fires?tracking=4fec723134c63. All purchases made using this link will trigger donations to Colorado and Montana animal shelters and rescues.

NY Abandoned Angels Rescue

June 26th, 2012

First I would like to start with saying a little something about Dolores the founder of NY Abandoned Angels Rescue. Dolores suffers from Multiple Sclerosis and she is severely disabled. This is one of the reasons that she refuses to discriminate with regards to the dogs she rescues. Her organization never refuses an animal due to their heath or physical handicaps. She saves each animal and gives them all the second chance at life they deserve. She is truly an inspiration. Please share her story and LIKE NY Abandoned Angels (also known as Abandoned Angels Cocker Spaniel Rescue)


Abandoned Angels Cocker Spaniel Rescue, Inc. (AACSR) dba NY Abandoned Angels Rescue (NYAAR) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the rescue and re-homing of Cocker Spaniels and other dog breeds in need of loving forever homes. AACSR will not reject any dog due to age or health reasons and often accepts dogs with temperament and/or medical issues. AACSR relies solely on donations whether through adoptions or the generosity of the public to help pay for the veterinary care of sick, physically disabled, and behaviorally challenged dogs. Abandoned Angel Cocker Spaniel Rescue, Inc. is a proud member of the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals.

Ways/Programs We Utilize to Save/Rescue Dogs:

The amount of homeless Cocker Spaniels and other dog breeds in the tri-state area is staggering. Our “Abandoned Angels” come from local shelters, owners who wish to surrender their dogs, strays, and puppy mills or breeders across the country that wish to downsize. Our dogs have all been spayed or neutered, are up to date with vaccinations, on heartworm, flea and tick preventative and have been vetted by our wonderful vet.

We do not have a physical facility so all of our dogs are currently residing either in private foster homes, at the vet clinic receiving medical care, or in paid boarding which is very costly to us. Because we need immediate space in which to place a dog that was just saved, we are always looking for good foster homes and they are extremely valuable to our rescue. Some foster opportunities are short term while others last longer. Our senior dogs are much harder to adopt than puppies, so seniors often need long term fostering. It is important to know that when you foster a dog, you are saving 2 lives: the dog you are fostering and the dog we are able to save because a space is now available.

We seek forever homes where our Abandoned Angels will be cherished and valued family members for the rest of their lives. Our adoption process begins with an application to foster or adopt, and then a scheduled “meet and greet.” We carefully evaluate not just a prospective adopter’s interaction with the dog, but also the dog’s interaction with his or her prospective adopter. A home visit may be required. We prefer adopters who have experience with Cocker Spaniels and/or have previously owned a dog, but we do adopt to first-time dog owners.

Our Special Animals : 

Rugby was adopted in January of 2012 but returned to our rescue after having trouble walking. MRI results indicated that Rugby needed emergency cervical spine surgery immediately, or the vet recommended euthanasia. The surgeon agreed to move forward with the surgery while we continue to raise emergency funds (approximately $4,000). Once the surgery was over, the surgeon told us that 80% of Rugby’s cervical spine was compressed. He was placed in a post-surgery hospital where he is getting the best care possible and receiving necessary physical rehabilitation. He recently started to eat on his own again and can stand, but with assistance. Rugby’s post-surgery vet bill will run close to $2,800, making his total vet care costs approximately $6,800.

One of our biggest success stories is Andy who came to our rescue as an owner surrender. At the young age of 5 months old, Andy suffered from Canine Distemper (which could have been prevented by a series of puppy shots) and was on the brink of death several times. We would not give up on him. He had such a will to live and fought hard to survive. Andy required hospitalization, intense treatment with antibiotics, steroids, and physical therapy. The virus attacked his body and left him severely disabled with damage to the nerves that controlled his hind legs. Andy eventually found a loving foster home with a family who took incredible care of him. While Andy was in foster care, we sent him to hydrotherapy treatments several times a week. Eddie’s Wheels was kind enough to donate a wheelchair to help Andy feel more independent. His foster family quickly fell in love with Andy and decided to adopt him. Now, Andy walks (and even runs) without a wheelchair, though one leg still drags.

Hendrick Boards Launches the Animal-Saving, Rescue-Loving Kids Collection

June 6th, 2012

Animal Saving, Pet Rescuing Kids CollectionEvery shirt gives back to the child’s local animal shelter, pet rescue or sanctuary

Hendrick Boards, a leading apparel and skateboard company that gives back to local animal shelters and rescues with every purchase, today announced the launch of a new collection of clothing for the animal-saving, rescue-loving boy and girl.

The Kids Collection at Hendrick Boards features a colorful selection of shirts for boys and girls including The William Tee, depicting Hendrick Boards’ mascot, inspiration and rescue dog, William, and the “Rescued” tee, showcasing the importance of rescuing animals. Every purchase at Hendrick Boards triggers a donation to the customer’s local animal shelter, pet rescue or animal sanctuary.

“Hendrick Boards has brought the animal-saving shirts to kids of all ages so that everyone can show their support for saving and rescuing animals,” said David Hendrickson, Founder & CEO of Hendrick Boards. “Now, kids can save animals just by wearing a simple tee as each shirt triggers a $5 donation to his or her local animal shelter or rescue. It is a great way to get kids involved in causes at an early age.”

The Kids Collection at Hendrick Boards comes in a selection of 100 percent organic cotton and cotton/poly blend shirts. From extra small to extra large, the Kids Collection shirts is available in a variety of popular colors including blue, pink, grey and tan.

About Hendrick Boards
As recently featured on the hit show Glee, Hendrick Boards is an eco-friendly skateboard and apparel company that gives back to more than 150 local animal shelters, pet rescue programs and sanctuaries across the nation. David, Darren and Donny Hendrickson, 24-year-old identical triplets, launched Hendrick Boards in mid-2011 to support local efforts to save and rescue animals across the nation. Every purchase sparks a donation to the customer’s local animal nonprofit based upon the shipping address. Hendrick Boards’ best-selling product, the “Square It”, offers a new, limited edition product every two weeks with double donations.