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Hendrick Boards Celebrates 1 Year!

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Wow…. 1 year ago we created Hendrick Boards. The time sure flew by. Some of you may not know the story behind why we created Hendrick Boards and I thought today was fitting to explain how we got started. It all started with a 4.5 pound poisoned shelter dog who I named William.

About 3 years ago I was volunteering at the shelter in Orange, CA. That is where I first saw William. He was picked up by animal control from an abusive and neglectful owner. He was poisoned and not expected to live through the year. I was told by staff that who ever was going to take on this animal was going to have to realize he wouldn’t be a “normal” dog. That day I took him home. Within the first week I had a $3,000 vet bill (which is a lot for a college student to handle). William under went numerous procedures and tests. I soon had to take on 3 jobs and quit college because of finances but never once did I regret it. I knew William and I were meant to find each other that day. We were meant to be best friends and help each other through it all.

It amazed me how strong this little rescue dog was. Even after all that abuse, neglect, tests and surgeries William never stopped smiling. Every time he lay there on the vet table with tubes and needles in him he never once cried or flenched. He always laid there calm and stared right into my eyes. I know he was scared and in pain but he never let me see that. Almost as if he was staying strong for me. I tried staying strong for him but there were many times I broke down and started crying but as always he was my rock. Sometimes I wish I could be as strong as he is. Its amazing to think how strong animals really are. Most of us would crumble under what William and other rescues go through. We can learn a lot from these animals that most write off.

Slowly William started gaining weight and energy. When he goes through some of his procedures he can’t be around other dogs because of the risk of getting sick. This is hard for him because he is such a social pup. So during those times I take him on the longboard and we cruise down to our local Dog Beach. Even though he can’t play with the other dogs it makes him feel good just to be around them.

Thats where it all clicked. I was holding William in my arms and we were enjoying riding on my longboard and I thought I could turn our passions into a company that saved animals just like him. BAM! That night I went home and quit my three jobs. I sold my old Iphone on line for $250.00 and with that money bought a used screen printing machine. That night William and I started screen printing our shirts by hand in my 300 square foot studio apartment. I made William our logo as a constant reminder of why Hendrick Boards was created. Yes I have been working 14 hour days, 7 days a week since but every day I come home and see William’s happy face I know it is all for him. He is a beacon of hope for the over 10 million shelter animals fighting for a second chance at life. Hendrick Boards plays a small but important role in giving them that second chance they deserve.

Now a year later I look back at where we began and I am proud. I am proud that today we are able to donate thousands of dollars a month to save other animals just like my best friend William. I am proud to work with the most amazing team Darren, Donny, and all of our friends and family. I am proud that we now support a network of 150 local animal rescue and sanctuaries across the U.S. We have a new summer line of over 50 amazing eco-friendly products with everything from shirts to bamboo longboards all saving animals. Thank you for taking the time to read our story. I can’t wait for the many years to come of Hendrick Boards saving even more animals.

Much Love,

William, David & The Hendrick Boards Team.

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