Dog found hanging from doorknob; woman arrested for animal cruelty

October 18th, 2013

Ryder-YouTube-Photo2Left hanging from the doorknob, Ryder is fighting to survive. Ryder was tied to a bedroom door with no food or water and was severely malnourished and extremely weak. The chain around her neck had been applied so tightly only the dog’s hind feet could touch the floor. She had been so severely neglected and starved that you could see every bone in her body. Thanks to the Arizona Humane Society Ryder is getting a second chance at life and needs your help.

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Eight Feline Souls Perish in Fire, Three Remain in Critical Care

September 22nd, 2013


On Saturday, September 14th, Mid Hudson Animal Aid (MHAA) in Beacon, NY, home to 164 abandoned and abused cats and kittens, experienced an event that anyone in animal care dreads: a fire.

mhaa-blog2At approximately 11am, shelter staff smelled the strong odor of smoke coming from one of the rooms and quickly discovered that there was an intense fire raging. The effected Isolation Room housed those animals that were recovering from or receiving medical treatments for various ailments.

Due to the swift actions of Shelter Manager Audrey Lodato and her staff, all humans were unharmed and a majority of the 160+ feline residents were saved. Sadly, eight feline souls were lost and three additional cats were rushed to the animal ER at Hudson Highlands Veterinary Medical Group in Hopewell Junction, NY where they remain in critical condition in oxygen tents. One of these animals, Twinkie, was resuscitated on site by Beacon Fireman Gary Simmonds. Those lost in the devastating fire were: Cassiopeia, Stuffin, Floopey, Daniel, Pieces, Sadie, Sparkler, and Atlas. Six cats remain at large in the woods behind the shelter.

mhaa-blog3Additionally, in the midst of all this activity, a cat was surrendered to the shelter that required emergency amputation surgery due to a compound fractured leg, and two small kittens were dumped at the MHAA site.

You can support Mid Hudson Animal Aid by sending monetary donations to: MHAA, 54 Simmons Lane, Beacon, NY 12508; online at; or at They will also be in need of temporary foster care homes.

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Stolen, Found Emaciated with Seizures and an Abdominal Blockage, Morgan Has Faced a Tough Life on the Streets

September 20th, 2013


A woman who feeds strays in a Southwest Detroit neighborhood discovered Morgan today hiding in a fort house built for strays in the backyard of a home. The woman could plainly see the dog was in very bad shape and suffering from seizures. She called Providing for Paws, who in turn reached out to Detroit Bully Corps for assistance.

morgan-blog-3Bill and Missi Bellottie, founders of Detroit Bully Corps,  brought Morgan to Emergency Veterinary Hospital in Ann Arbor for treatment. For those who are familiar with Patty (the dog who was skinned alive), Morgan is being treated at the very same hospital. Morgan is severely emaciated and appears to be in extreme pain. X-rays showed she had an obstruction in her abdomen, possibly from being given too much food at one time, known as “refeeding syndrome”. She was on IV fluids in hopes to get things moving on their own. But the obstruction did not pass. On Thursday night, Morgan had to undergo emergency surgery to remove the blockage. During the surgery, they found that the stomach contents included a rat, meat, onions, peppers, french fries, wet dog food, kibble, leaves & misc debris. The poor thing was eating whatever she could to stay alive.

Morgan from a September 2012 post after she had been stolen. Since then, it is anybody's guess what had happened to her until now.

Morgan has been wandering the streets of Detroit for a long time, if not all of her life. In fact, many know her as a stray called Betty, who was stolen on 9/6/12 from the yard of a trucking company in the River Rouge area near Dix and Oakwood. The employees of the trucking company had been trying to earn her trust to rescue her, but she was stolen from the yard before they could help her. Her captors were seen on a surveillance camera putting her into the back of a white SUV, throwing a blanket over her, tying her up and tossing her in their trunk. They were never found and what happened to her over the past year is a mystery. The post to the right was from last year as an urgent call was made to find her after she had been captured and taken away.

Detroit Bully Corps has been in touch with Morgan’s previous owner, and both parties feel that the best resource for Betty/Morgan at this point is to remain in the custody and care of Detroit Bully Corps & Emergency Veterinarian Hospital of Ann Arbor. It is and always will be Detroit Bully Corps’ distinct and humble mission to serve the best interest of animals in need.

Thanks to Detroit Bully Corps, Morgan is getting the help she has never had. Detroit Bully Corps is committed to making sure this canine never has to suffer on the streets again, but we need your help to cover her medical expenses. Please help. Every tee counts.

To make a direct donation to help Morgan, please visit Detroit Bully Corps’ website:

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Skinned Alive, Patty Needs Our Help

September 18th, 2013

1377459_569059463159963_593180836_n:::::::::: UPDATE on PATTY Oct. 22nd ::::::::::

Patty is getting spoiled beyond belief . The incisions her vet had to make to relieve the pressure from her healing wounds from being skinned alive are almost all closed up. She has started hydrotherapy for her physical therapy and healing process. You all know what a toll this has taken on her body and soul so we are all looking forward to her continued flourishing and healing during this process. WE CANT THANK YOU ALL ENOUGH! Its with your help we are able to help Patty and her nonprofit along this journey. Every single one of you played a part in this… we together showed Patty a second chance at life, love and family.

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,
Nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”

― Dr. Seuss, The Lorax



:::::::::: UPDATE on PATTY Oct. 10th-18th ! ::::::::::

1400579_567612593304650_1639451349_oPatty had to be bandaged up again due to a minor procedure that she needed. Her skin under her chin was getting pulled so tight that they cut it to release some of the tension. The small incisions released the tension and will allow for more stretching.

These are the small slits that Dr. Ruland made in Patty to relieve tension from the wound contracting down during the healing process. This will also allow a little more room for the skin to stretch. She was in good spurts tonight in her play area they set up for her by all the girls work space tonight. I also noticed two empty food bowls in the play area. I think she got one of the gals to give her second helping of grub.

:::::::::: END UPDATE  ::::::::::


Patty was found in a park in Southwest Detroit. One of our men in blue contacted Providing for Paws when he saw this poor baby.

patty-blog2The Detroit-based rescue organization drove up to the park to meet the officer and could NOT believe what they were seeing! This is the worst case of abuse they have ever seen!

Someone had skinned this dog from the back of the neck to her ears. Her fur was hanging off its poor body. This was NOT an accident, someone purposely skinned this dog. The cuts are perfect and deliberate!

The team at Providing for Paws immediately rushed Patty to the emergency hospital. Since first finding Patty, she has undergone two surgeries. The surgeon performing the surgery has removed the original portion of her skin. Unfortunately the skin was not viable and didn’t pink back up. However, the good news was that they were able to keep her skin clean, fresh and healthy underneath.

patty-blog3The wounds look good, except for one little section that had not looked good after the first surgery. There was some muscle damage in this section, therefore the vet stated this area may not look very normal once all her healing is done. She has had a little nausea because of the medications she needed.

Patty will have months of treatment and care before she will hopefully rebound and find her forever home. In the meantime, we still do not know if Patty will need additional surgeries. For now, she has made herself at home at the emergency hospital.

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If you wish to donate directly to help Patty, go to

Bait dog now fighting for life.

August 13th, 2013

Raymon is believed to be yet another bait dog who came into the Brooklyn AC&C as a stray. He is only 2 years old and has already lived a life full of abuse, neglect and starvation. Animals like this used as bait have a long road to recovery not just from their physical scars but also their mental scars. We have teamed up with his rescue Second Chance Rescue NYC to raise the funds needed for his recovery.


Baby Raymon has bite marks and lacerations all over one side of his face and his neck. He was used to be attached over and over by other animals to train them to hate and destroy. He is also skin and bones from being starved almost to death. He weighs only 41 pounds and should be 60+ pounds. Despite the rough start in life, he is as sweet and gentle as can be. Laying his head quietly on the volunteers laps closing his eyes as he is being pet. All this animal wants is to love and finally be loved back. Help us see this happen and give him a second chance at life he deserves!

We have teamed up with Second Chance Rescue NYC to create the RESPECT shirt and tote dedicated to raising the funds needed for his Recovery. You can visit S.C.R.NYC directly and donate here  or you can go to