Hendrick Boards Supports Colorado and Montana Animal Shelters, Rescues with Limited-Edition Tee

June 28th, 2012

Marking the worst fire season in Colorado history, three major blazes are burning out of control, destroying hundreds of homes, prompting mass evacuations in Colorado Springs and threatening the city of Boulder 100 miles away. Our hearts and prayers go out to the wildfire regions of Colorado and Montana, where more than 36,000 people have been evacuated from their homes. Over 300 homes have been destroyed including historic landmarks.

What is often underreported and forgotten are the hundreds of animals, including pets, horses, livestock and other large animals that have become displaced due to the fires. In Colorado and Montana, local rescues and shelters are working around the clock to ensure the safety of all animals. Animal shelters are beyond capacity, and stories of local businesses and residences creating make-shift shelters abound.

Hendrick Boards wants to make a difference for animals by supporting the local rescues and shelters in Colorado. From now and until July 4th, Hendrick Boards is offering a limited-edition tee that sparks a $10 donation to animal shelters and rescues in Colorado. Called “Be the Person”, the animal-saving, rescue loving tee will directly support the efforts to save, care for, house and feed abandoned and displaced animals in the fire-ravaged areas of Colorado.

“Our hearts go out to the animals affected by the fire-ravaged areas of Colorado and Montana,” said David Hendrickson. “We want to make sure that the frontlines of animal welfare and protection in Colorado and Montana are given the resources needed to protect all animals and hope that a simple tee can make a difference.”

To see the tee, please go to: http://www.hendrickboards.com/shop/colorado-fires?tracking=4fec723134c63. All purchases made using this link will trigger donations to Colorado and Montana animal shelters and rescues.

Hendrick Boards Launches the Animal-Saving, Rescue-Loving Kids Collection

June 6th, 2012

Animal Saving, Pet Rescuing Kids CollectionEvery shirt gives back to the child’s local animal shelter, pet rescue or sanctuary

Hendrick Boards, a leading apparel and skateboard company that gives back to local animal shelters and rescues with every purchase, today announced the launch of a new collection of clothing for the animal-saving, rescue-loving boy and girl.

The Kids Collection at Hendrick Boards features a colorful selection of shirts for boys and girls including The William Tee, depicting Hendrick Boards’ mascot, inspiration and rescue dog, William, and the “Rescued” tee, showcasing the importance of rescuing animals. Every purchase at Hendrick Boards triggers a donation to the customer’s local animal shelter, pet rescue or animal sanctuary.

“Hendrick Boards has brought the animal-saving shirts to kids of all ages so that everyone can show their support for saving and rescuing animals,” said David Hendrickson, Founder & CEO of Hendrick Boards. “Now, kids can save animals just by wearing a simple tee as each shirt triggers a $5 donation to his or her local animal shelter or rescue. It is a great way to get kids involved in causes at an early age.”

The Kids Collection at Hendrick Boards comes in a selection of 100 percent organic cotton and cotton/poly blend shirts. From extra small to extra large, the Kids Collection shirts is available in a variety of popular colors including blue, pink, grey and tan.

About Hendrick Boards
As recently featured on the hit show Glee, Hendrick Boards is an eco-friendly skateboard and apparel company that gives back to more than 150 local animal shelters, pet rescue programs and sanctuaries across the nation. David, Darren and Donny Hendrickson, 24-year-old identical triplets, launched Hendrick Boards in mid-2011 to support local efforts to save and rescue animals across the nation. Every purchase sparks a donation to the customer’s local animal nonprofit based upon the shipping address. Hendrick Boards’ best-selling product, the “Square It”, offers a new, limited edition product every two weeks with double donations.